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Name: Appletskunk

location: [Image: nz.gif]

BF4 Alias:
  • AppletSkunk
  • MadDogpy
  • markedg1

[Image: jyikyi.png]
Why was this guy banned Queen G I have had a friend request from him but will not accept it.
[Image: cap4.png]
He has been busted for cheating before.
I think he is sending friends request to everyone he is also trying to do it on faceAssbook also.
[Image: -4K-DRAGON.png]

I'm talking to him now...

He was banned nearly 800 days ago and say the VAC ban was by association.

I think we give him the benefit of the doubt as he seems to have gone to a whole lot of trouble to get on the server, which kind of says he really wants to play.

Up to you guys.
[Image: -4K-Wong-Wei-M8.png]
Sorry Wong ban sticks,we have had many say they don't cheat or it was my mate they use every excuse they can...heard it all before.I was in squad with him the night i banned him yeah he seemed like a nice guy,but he is a cheat.
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